6Place Toronto

is a McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology research/working group project investigating significant urban spaces in Toronto where Media and Infrastructure intersect with Architecture and Public Space. From the Portlands to South Etobicoke, these are contested, iconic, dormant places, currently subject to major speculation and diverse visions for the city of the  future. This project investigates urban history, networks, image, building stock, landscape, infrastructure, data and meta-data. Engaging faculty and students in Architecture, Urbanism, Information, Art History, Politics, Anthropology, Media and the Visual Arts, 6PTo’s methods of documentation and dissemination include mapping, lens- and drone-based imaging, drawing, stratography, archival and media research, walks, talks, workshops and seminars. Each of the six investigations is a pilot for an interdisciplinary, layered urbanism and civic broadcast, ultimately testing the potential of Public Space in the North American Metropolis.  6PTo is also supported by U of T’s School of Cities and by the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design.


1/6 Portlands/Monument
2/6 Water/Data
3/6 Work/Inventory
4/6 Creek/Fort/Burial
5/6 Islands/Bubbles
6/6 Landfill/Publics

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Man-made islands, sunken ballast, geodesic architecture, IMAX’s birthplace, floating pods, dance parties, and hidden pathways all make up the unique environment of Ontario Place on the Toronto waterfront. Created by architect Eb Zeidler and landscape architect Michael Hough in 1971, no other megastructure in the city’s history offers such an enduring public imaginary. At the brink of political euthanasia, 6place Toronto’s research group looks at the ruined utopia, current revitalization and future possibilities of a unique urban space interfacing with the greatest freshwater system on the planet.

Charles Stankievech


at Ontario Place
Sep 2019


Sep 2019


Sep 2019